Forever Mama

As I mentioned in a previous post, Mama’s and my relationship and communication skills are a work in progress. This is good because we are so much better than once before. You see, I missed out on doing the normal mother-and-daughter things with her when I was a child. But as an adult, I am blessed because I get to do some things for her she never could for me. That’s not necessarily a bad deal. I feel fortunate enough to know that there is enough stability in my life, although it hasn’t always been this way.

I enjoy being able to take Mama out to dinner and a movie on occasion because these simple outings mean a great deal to her. I remember taking her to her first musical about a couple of years ago to see “Annie.” I knew there would be a lot of walking; therefore I insisted that we bring a wheelchair (instead of her walker). In more ways than one, that turned out to be a smart move. We were given great seats, close to the stage. As I watched those talented girls performing in the musical along with Annie, I commented to Mama on which were my favorites. But Mama’s interest centered on one thing. And one thing only. On Sandy the dog. “What a smart dog!” she’d say. “Isn’t that dog smart?” she’d ask. “Well, yes, but look at the little girl, the youngest one there,” I pointed out. “Isn’t she something?” “Yeah, but can’t you see how animals are so smart?” she squealed. “Oooh, I want to take him home with me!”

Okay, so Mama and I don’t always see eye to eye or agree on everything. What may mean a big deal to me won’t necessarily be to her, and what may seem mundane to me isn’t to her, but we are working on that communication thing, along with some understanding. We really are!

Just a few days ago, we celebrated Mama’s 80th birthday. Family and friends surrounded her with their presence, delicious food (at a Cuban restaurant), and birthday cake, and showered her with several cards and gifts. She seemed more comfortable in having pictures taken. I am glad she is still a part of my life. I am glad she will forever be my mama!

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12 responses to “Forever Mama

  1. Happy birthday to your forever Mama! It is never late to build bridges in our communication and bring cheer to the ones we cherish. Lovely photo!

  2. Angela

    Happy Birthday Grandma ! She was so happy and excited… LOVE YOU GUYS….. xoxox

  3. It’s such a joy to read about relationships mending, blooming and just coming together. I remember your mom from Mary Anne Copelin’s meeting years ago. Didn’t realize at the time that you two were mother and daughter. What a blessing to you both and to us, your avid readers! Thanks for your honestly in sharing from your heart! Hugs!

  4. sUSIE


  5. I think all mother-daughter relations are a work in progress. My daughter and I are very close, so I am lucky. She has forgiven me for staying in a hurtful marriage that she had to experience. I am working on forgiving myself. She and her husband got me going to church. I’m in their life so much, tutoring one grandson and just hanging with the other grandson and my son-in-law while my daughter works. Eric is a disabled veteran who homeschools the boys while my daughter works. They feed me every Sunday night.

    I’m glad you have time with your mom to deepen your connection.

  6. Sandy Brockhausen

    That is such a beautiful commentary on how you and your mother have evolved “so to speak”. Due to your forgiveness and maturity and perseverance in establishing a relationship with your precious mom. I lost my mother at 29 yrs old, and my father at 19 yrs old. You are truly blessed that the sweet Savior has given you many yrs to restore and finally have the mother/daughter relationship as an adult that you never had as a child. Your mother, by the way, has never aged! What a blessing!

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