My One Lovely Blog Award

I am honored to receive the One Lovely Blog Award. This award acknowledges up-and-coming bloggers who share their story, thoughts, or content in a beautiful manner that connects with their viewers and followers. The goal of the award is to give recognition to newer, up-and-coming, bloggers to help them reach more viewers.

Thank you LaTanya Davis and Clara Freeman for nominating my blog! I had fun sharing a little about myself and reading your blogs! Click here . . .




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17 responses to “My One Lovely Blog Award

  1. You deserve all the awards there are! Congrats! ❤

  2. Mary, thanks you for the nomination! And you are deserving of this Award and many more. Keep shining!

  3. sUSIE

    Your blogs often makes me ponder at the truths and love you share!

  4. And many more to come.You deserve it. You speak from the heart and you are very talented.
    Love Kathy

  5. LaTanya Davis

    Thank you so much for participating, Mary. I look forward to reading seven things about you.

  6. Sandy Brockhausen

    Congrats, I expect you will receive every award out there! You deserve it my friend!

  7. JaQuay Young

    Congratulations. I am so happy to be apart of your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Debi

    How awesome! Congratulations! A well deserved award! Love you!

  9. Connie Parks


  10. Congratulations! You and God are amazing together! You definitely are using your gift well!

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