She’s My Mama

Mama lives alone. She enjoys a contented life. She loves playing Bingo and the group outings on the Metro-Lift with Charles, her traveling companion. They attend church together. Mama has a provider who cleans, cooks and provides assistance. I have come to the place where I am able to let go and let her live her own life. While Mama has learned not to rely upon me as heavily as before, she knows I will be there whenever needed.

This past week, we celebrated Mama’s 79th birthday at an Italian restaurant. She doesn’t like her pictures taken and has always been shy in front of the camera. Rest assured, she enjoyed her day, having no problem dining out and in opening gifts.


Initially, when I shared with Mama that I was writing my memoirs she laughed and squealed, “Mary, what kind of book is that going to be?”

I chuckled, answering, “Stranger than fiction, of course.”

Later, with a more serious tone, Mama asked, “So, you’re going to blame me for everything that has happened?”

While our relationship and communication continue to require work, I assured her that I don’t blame her for all the bad.

Let me be clear: I do not hate Mama. I NEVER hated Mama. I hated her behavior. I resented everything and everyone that took her away from me as a child! Though my mind may still remember the neglect, I realize that nothing I did or did not do could have changed her then. Or now. I can only change myself and aim for becoming better.

Several years ago, someone recommended Irregular People, by Joyce Landorf which helped me tremendously. Nearly everyone has a difficult or “irregular” person in his or her life. They can be emotionally tone-deaf and not really hear you. They may be emotionally blind and not see you. They may even have a speech impediment and not say the right thing to you. You cannot please that person; you cannot change them no matter how much you wish to.

I can be at peace and know that the way Mama—or anyone else—chooses to live their lives, isn’t a reflection of me.

Yes, writing is therapeutic, but if I can show just one person that they are not alone in their struggles, then I have done something good. Through it all, one can have purpose and meaning and overcome.

In the dynamic of things, I felt Mama did her best.

As we all try to do.


© M.A. Perez 2013, All Rights Reserved


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10 responses to “She’s My Mama

  1. Wonderful Post – I occasionally write about my mother when she is heavily on my mind and it causes me to miss her dearly. It is so good to read that you continue to have a relationship that works for both of you and a secure foundation in love. Peace and Blessings to both of you. Thank you for liking my post as well.

  2. 2230 queenstreet

    Just finished another eye opening heart rending chapter of your life. All these trials in your life have produced a very special woman of endurance, faithfulness and wisdom. I so admire your beautiful relationship with our Savior and best eternal friend Jesus Christ! Love and blessings sweet heart.

  3. You have no idea the inspiration you are to me. Thank you for challenging me in this area. You are truly a blessing!

  4. 1createblogs

    You write well, I enjoyed your post.

  5. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt piece. It helped me greatly. Very wise. Big hugs sent your way, Beautiful!!

  6. Janie Urbano

    Very good writing Mary Ann. You’re are doing so well. Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2013 23:32:59 +0000 To:

    • Thank you, Janie. I appreciate your encouragement. The stories aren’t easy or pretty at times, but confronting my past has kept me teachable, enabling me to live in the present and hope for my tomorrows.

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