Blogger Awards

These awards are from peer recognition and appreciation for participation in the Blogosphere. These are a few of the awards and recognition this website has received to-date.

Sunshine Award   Shauny Award   Liebster Award

Joy of Life Award  Very Inspiring Blogger Award  One Lovely Blog Award

Bouquet Award

Thank you, Sally Georgina Cronin for the bouquet!

     Tour Through Blogland Award








If you’ve read this far and you’re a blogger, “Here Is My Award To You” and for all that you have done and continue to do in the blogosphere.

Finding Our Way Now - Blogger Award
As you can see, I call it the “The Best Blog Supporter Award”. The title of the award kind of says it all. My hope is you will feel free to accept this award and pass this on to the bloggers you feel deserve the recognition and support for helping you in some way on your blogger’s journey.

So please take a little time to consider whom you think would be grateful for your thoughtfulness in giving them this award and would share it with others. Remember, everyone appreciates a little recognition and a pat on the back once in a while.

The Best Blog Supporter AwardThe Rules For “The Best Blog Supporter Award” Are Very Simple.

To claim this award and pass it along:

  1. Post a link of the one who gave you the award (me) along with the award image on your website/websites.
  2. Say a few nice things about the one (me) who gave you the award/awards. (We always like to hear that we are appreciated)
  3. Tell us fun stuff about yourself. (No required number or limit, just what you feel like sharing)
  4. Share the wealth with others as you see fit.  (What blogger gets it and how many is entirely up to you.)

It’s that easy. The rules are not hard and fast.  I wanted them to be simple and without too many restrictions or requirements. After all, it’s an award. It should be fun to give, not a chore to share. Enjoy.

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