Birthday Boy


Celebrated hubby’s birthday.

Cooked him a nice lasagna meal with the family.


Hard to believe that this good-looking boy

would waltz into my life one day.

As an added bonus, gave hubby a surprise party with friends the next day.


He completes me.

He had a rugged, but kind, short-bearded face

Happy Birthday, Mark.


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7 responses to “Birthday Boy

  1. What a beautiful tribute of love! Thank you, too , for the lovely inspiring blogger award! I will pass it forward, soon ! Peace, Anne

  2. Mary loved your family shots, looks like you both have all that you need.

  3. Lucretia Fiasco

    Wish I could have made that surprise dinner … Thank you for the invite and I hope you had a great bday, Mark. Hope we can get together soon .

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  4. Hoe Mark had a happy birthday.

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