My One Year Anniversary with WordPress


WordPress sent me a message stating that it is my One Year Anniversary with them. Hard for me to believe it’s been that long already.

For me, progress has been slow but it has been steady. Not too shabby for someone who has a 40-hour work-week, helps to care for a 103-year-old, and writes in between!

I will share a few stats from the last 12 months:

  • 49 original posts (after taking a couple of posts down).
  • 539 faithful followers – WordPress, FaceBook, Bloglovin’, Twitter
  • 3,220 views to date – U.S. being number one, followed by Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, Philippines, Netherlands, India, Puerto Rico, Greece, Kenya, Russian Federation, Singapore, France, Ireland …
  • The most viewed post beside the About Me page is The Day the Earth Stood Still
  • The second most viewed post is Mi Boricuan Familia
  • And tied for third most viewed posts are The Little Green Dress and I No Spic Inglish
  • Most commented was The Little Green Dress
  • Most popular topics were: memoirs, alcoholism, dysfunction, prayer
  • My top commenter: Sandy Brockhausen

My followers know that I have completed an 88,000 word-count manuscript, which I am desiring to publish, currently titled, “Running in Heels – A Memoir of Grit and Grace.” The “experts” say that a newbie (yours truly) should have a writer’s platform. I started a FaceBook writers page and–one year ago–began blogging about past and current events.

I’ve been especially happy since signing up with for its user-friendliness and it being easy to navigate.

From time to time, I do include short excerpts from my manuscript, and to my delight, you readers are wanting and asking for more. This is good!  Since I started blogging, I have re-connected with friends, acquaintances, and yes, family members from across the miles. I have made many new friends and fellow bloggers who not only take the time to read but to leave positive comments and inspiring feedback. This is great!

Bottom line: I feel blessed beyond measure. And I appreciate each and every one of you for visiting my site–newcomers and old–and sticking with me throughout this journey to the finish line. My one regret? That I didn’t start blogging sooner.

Feel free to leave a comment about topics that interest you most.

Thank you again for your support and following this blog – from my heart to yours.

~ Mary A. Perez


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16 responses to “My One Year Anniversary with WordPress

  1. Look forward to the day you publish, keep growing and learning Mary as I am every day.

  2. Sandy Brockhausen

    Ah, but it is YOU who are the blessing. Giving us encouragement with every story of triumph! We love it. Whenever I think my childhood was hard at times, I now see it wasn’t so bad after all. Just life. Yours was hard and you have blossomed and grown thru it all and you have the sweet smell of victory over the hardest of circumstances. With a beautiful smile on your face always. You are such a awesome woman Of faith, trust and endurance! And proud to call you my friend sweet saint.

  3. Congratulations, you are a special person.

  4. Congratulations!! You are an inspiration, Dear Friend.

  5. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. If you would like to accept it, please go to my blog site for details. You are an inspiration and thank you for your advice and support,

  6. Congratulations! Forty-hour work week and caring for an elderly person, no, it cannot have been easy, but you did it 🙂

    I haven’t been here long, but I think the posts I really enjoyed were from your memoir. I’ll read a couple of the popular ones I missed while I’m here.

  7. C Watts

    Thank you Mary Ann for appreciating your readership ! It is such a joy to get a new Reflections to read. Keep writing Mary Ann, and we’ll get to keep reading ! Love In Christ, C Watts

  8. I like the fact that you’re giving wordpress a shout out for how they’ve helped you. I enjoyed reading your stats too. Keep on a-blogging.

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