Mi Boricuan Familia

I just returned from an accelerating week’s vacation, which was also a surprise visit to my family in Florida. Other than planning everything with my younger brother, I didn’t want any beans spilled, so I gave no clues and left no hints. My ten-year-old grandson accompanied me; his first time on a plane. He was so excited and never at a loss for words the entire flight.IMG_0624[1]

The trip and the family time together were awesome!

My first stop was at my older brother’s. The shock on his face and the familiar choice words that he uttered upon seeing me was priceless. His entire household welcomed me warmly. My three tall nephews are strapping young lads. We all talked at once and managed to hear every word. Soon, my sister-in-law and I enjoyed some overdue and much-needed girl talk alone (after kicking out all the boys).

1092153_158266174363129_1689987005_oThen we drove to my dad’s home where I was greeted with more1157638_10201825671551316_948345146_n hugs, tears, and kisses. (Click on the link to a video and listen to my daddy’s exclamation phrases over and over: “¡Ay, mi madre!” as well as, “¡Ay, Dios mio!”)

Before too long, savory food wafted from the kitchen calling my name. I couldn’t wait to sample my stepmother’s Puerto Rican cuisine. She did not disappoint and prepared a delicioso feast of pollo frito arroz_con_gandules(fried chicken), plátanos fritos (fried plantains), and arroz con gandules (rice and pigeon peas). Mmm hmm good! ¡Que rico la comida!

IMG_0694[1]My sister later drove into town (also surprising our daddy – yes, it’s in our blood) and soon we were catching up with the latest news over family, food, and fashion. I got to exchange stories with her fine son, amazed by his sharp wit, then observed him and my grandson enjoying one another’s company with the latest video game. Finally, my dad announced it was time to play dominoes, beating everyone in the game just the way I always remembered.

In the days that followed we shopped, ate to our heart’s content, spent the day at the beach, and the pool, 1095099_10201755977529307_1400669289_nand shared pictures on FaceBook (a vast differencemai kai from having to pull out dusty album books like the old days). Lastly, we enjoyed taking Daddy to Mai Kai Polynesian Dinner and Show.

I wanted — needed — to be present to help celebrate my daddy’s 80th birthday that Sunday, and so grateful to be able to escape my hectic schedule to make the grand event. If not, I would have been filled with regrets. Now I have wonderful additional memories to hold onto for a lifetime.

With every visit, conversation, and reminiscing, we simply picked up where we left off so long ago. It felt good to be “home” again and reunite with my boricuan familia.

And now you know where I have been this past week.PicMonkey Collage

© M.A. Perez, 2013, All Rights Reserved


August 17, 2013 · 1:39 PM

10 responses to “Mi Boricuan Familia

  1. Ruben Perez

    Look what I found…has it been that long?

  2. I loved the video!!! Such joy in your father’s voice. That was great that you were able to be there for your father’s 80 birthday.

    My sisters and I did a surprise birthday party for my mom when she turned 80. We took her to a restaurant/bar that had live music. My mom danced with a bunch of people, putting me to shame, hahaha. She’s got more game than me.

    Blessings to you and your family!

    • How sweet of you to take the time and comment! So glad you enjoyed the video. It doesn’t matter how many times I review it, listening to my dad’s voice still brings tears of joy! So grateful that I was able to attend that grand event and be part of a happy occasion!

      Your mom (like my dad) sounds like a hoot and knows how to kick up her heels! May we glean from their example as we age 😉

      ~ Hugs!

  3. Mary, How exciting this must have been – and such a wonderful reunion as well. Thanks for sharing this bit of your life. 🙂


  4. Dear Mary and Ruben: It made me very happy to hear about your “Boriqua Family experience”…. These times together are to be treasured and remembered always…. Next time you come to Florida,remember Mi Casa es tu Casa!!!! Much love and many blessing, Your Cuz,Josie

  5. You know words and feelings can’t express the emotions that I went through, a week isn’t enough time to make up for loss time. But I’ll take it, why cause you are pleasurable to be around! Thank you for the memories that I also will have cause of your kind hearted. In my time of troublesome, the love that I felt from you will overcome my discomfort, in having a broken foot. love you dearly, and miss you already!

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