In the Stillness …

How many times have you encountered a situation head on, full force and with vengeance? It either caught you by surprised or you anticipated and dreaded the inevitable. Either way, bound and determined, knowing you had no choice but to tackle that thing, you plodded through.

But then the busyness of life got in the way. You’re tired, wearied up to your eyeballs – just one more thing will send you over the top! Ever been there? Yeah, me too. More than I care to admit. What gets you to the next day? The next project? The next idea?

Is it gumption? Aspirations? A positive outlook? Prayer? Encouragement from friends and family?

And  have you ever felt like you have nothing left to give to anyone else, let alone tackle one more thing? It boils down to you’re running on empty. You need a re-fill, a power surge, fuel, zing? When you’ve given yourself to others and you feel spent, it’s time to step back and be refreshed. Take a sabbatical.

There are times when I need time for me. I may need to soak in a warm tub, get a Swedish massage, sit by the ocean, or relax in one of those infrared-saunas. Yeah, buddy.

You know, as a Christian, being still and quiet before the Lord isn’t always easy for me. My thoughts run in circles with daily tasks that need to be done. But I find that when I go before Him and stay awhile, I come out feeling refreshed, refueled, and re-fired.

What are some of your ways to re-group and face another day or challenge?





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7 responses to “In the Stillness …

  1. Stillness and quietness in the midst of chaos (even my run-of-the-mill, everyday chaos) can be tough for me! I love going for walks. My moving body somehow gives my mind a chance to take a breather. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. I’m really enjoying your blog!

  2. Experience has proven to me that the challenges of my day will be met more successfully when I have my dedicated devotional time every morning. It’s like dressing for battle (Ephesians 6). I usually read the appropriate message for the day in “Jesus Calling,” or “Our Daily Bread.” Maybe even something from C.H. Spurgeon. Of course there is always a list of intercessions to be made for folks, but more importantly, like you say, just to “go before Him,” and nurture the relationship is time well spent that changes everything. Thanks for the post!

  3. My ways to face another day are prayer and talking to people whenever I need to confide.

    • Wonderful, David. So good when we also have a support group – I like to say they are God with “skin.” 😉 Thanks for commenting.

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