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Memory Lane …

Do you remember something as a child that stood out? I have plenty! Here are some of mine mentioned in my memoir, Running in Heels:stock-photo-memory-lane-road-sign-with-dramatic-clouds-and-sky-16459642

“I remember the unpleasant chalky taste of Phillip’s Milk of Magnesia and the fishy tasting cod liver oil by the spoonfuls, administered for any complaints or discomforts given to me for cures by Grandma. Those included the green rubbing alcohol, Vicks VapoRub, and Mercurochrome for fever, colds or scrapes respectively. They were Grandma’s tried-and-true remedies coupled with a prayer or two.”

Here’s another one:

Photo Credit: deeplifequotes via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: deeplifequotes via Compfight cc

“Fascinated with ant piles, I liked to dig apart their colonies to watch the different activities of the workers, the soldiers, and the queen ant that I read about in books. I never developed a fear of grasshoppers, even if they spat “tobacco” on my fingers, or of handling caterpillars that pricked when they crawled on my hand, or of sneaking up on lizards that left their wiggling tails behind, wondering what the funny red thing on their throats going in and out was all about.”

And one more:

“As a treat before bedtime, Grandpa always gave me a cup of eggnog made with warm milk, an egg yolk, and sugar. He said it would help me to sleep after a hot bath. He was right. Sleep came like a welcomed friend.”

As a memoirist, I find that one word can trigger an event. I dig deep and write some pleasant ones as a child: bubbles, puppy, balloon, swings, ice cream, Easter...!

Definition of memory: 1)  The faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information. 2)  Something remembered from the past; a recollection. The mind is fascinating and stores a lot of information and images. We know that there are two types of memories – pleasant and unpleasant.

My precious granddaughter, Grace, celebrating Easter!

YOUR turn!

Everyone has a story.

Take a walk down Memory Lane and focus on something pleasant to share.


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Nothing Lasts Forever …

One rare but cherished winter night, my step dad unexpectedly came home with a surprise and tossed a brown sack onto my lap. Puzzled about what could be inside, I hesitated to open it. The bag moved. I jumped. I glanced at Mama and she nodded her head to continue. The bag moved again. I inched forward and peered in. Then the eyes of a black puppy looked back at me. Holding my breath, I lifted her out. Her long, wet tongue washed my face and made me giggle. I loved her and named her Blackie.

She followed me around. She kept me company. At night, she slept on my neck and kept me warm. Once, when my parents yelled at me, she growled. I laughed inside and hugged her. I knew she loved me, too.

My joy turned to heartbreak the day she disappeared. I searched everywhere for her.

“Mama, have you seen my puppy?”

“We can’t keep her.”

“Mama, why? Why can’t we?”

“Because Blackie’s full of fleas.”

“I’ll give her a bath.”

“We can’t feed her.”

“She can eat my food,” I sobbed.

“That’s enough, Mary.”

Again, I asked. “But why, Mama?”

“Nothing lasts forever,” she said, still reading her magazine.

I’d have kept Blackie forever.

(An excerpt from Running in Heels – A Memoir of Grit and Grace – Chapter One)

© M.A. Perez 2013, All Rights Reserved

Note: I recall many clichés told to me as a kid. One that pops into mind is: Easy come, easy go. How about you? Do you remember things told to you when you were young that maybe got under your skin?


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