Memory Lane …

Do you remember something as a child that stood out? I have plenty! Here are some of mine mentioned in my memoir, Running in Heels:stock-photo-memory-lane-road-sign-with-dramatic-clouds-and-sky-16459642

“I remember the unpleasant chalky taste of Phillip’s Milk of Magnesia and the fishy tasting cod liver oil by the spoonfuls, administered for any complaints or discomforts given to me for cures by Grandma. Those included the green rubbing alcohol, Vicks VapoRub, and Mercurochrome for fever, colds, or scrapes respectively. They were Grandma’s tried-and-true remedies coupled with a prayer or two.”

Here’s another one:

Photo Credit: deeplifequotes via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: deeplifequotes via Compfight cc

“Fascinated with ant piles, I liked to dig apart their colonies to watch the different activities of the workers, the soldiers, and the queen ant that I read about in books. I never developed a fear of grasshoppers, even if they spat “tobacco” on my fingers, or of handling caterpillars that pricked when they crawled on my hand, or of sneaking up on lizards that left their wiggling tails behind, wondering what the funny red thing on their throats going in and out was all about.”

And one more:

“As a treat before bedtime, Grandpa always gave me a cup of eggnog made with warm milk, an egg yolk, and sugar. He said it would help me to sleep after a hot bath. He was right. Sleep came like a welcomed friend.”

As a memoirist, I find that one word can trigger an event. I dig deep and write some pleasant ones as a child: bubbles, puppies, balloons, swings, ice cream, Easter...!

Definition of memory: 1)  The faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information. 2)  Something remembered from the past; a recollection. The mind is fascinating and stores a lot of information and images. We know that there are two types of memories – pleasant and unpleasant.

My precious granddaughter, Grace, celebrating Easter!

YOUR turn!

Everyone has a story.

Take a walk down Memory Lane and focus on something pleasant to share.


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18 responses to “Memory Lane …

  1. Thanks for reminding me of so many wonderful childhood memories…including my love of ant hills. After I was through playing in them, I would stand up and have my friends check my body for roving ants:-)

    Also playing well into the night with my neighborhood friends – freeze tag, hide n seek, catching fireflies, and sitting out on the front porch, in the evening, with my parents in their “web chairs” with the glowing ends of their lit cigarettes lighting the darkness. Oops…I was mostly bare foot so usually stepped on the lit butts on the ground. (don’t know why I didn’t learn my lesson and put some shoes on)

    Jacks, swings, jumprope, playing house and school with my friends, kickball, badminton, barbies, and sky high rainbow or banana ice cream cones.

    I thank God for the memories…all of them…that journeyed me to this point.

    Blessings, Bernadette

    • Bernadette, you have such fond memories as a youngster. I too, ran around barefooted, but I don’t think I stepped on any cigarette butts Lol. You caught fireflies! I don’t believe I’ve ever seen one! Thanks for taking a walk down Memory Lane and sharing with us 🙂

  2. Mary beautifully written, I was just telling my daughter a memory of my black lab Barney. He use to push his way under my arm and lick my face when I sat outside with the grumps, he always knew when I needed a friend. Memories for me are hazy at best but when I stop awhile. They come floating back.

    • How sweet, Kath. Your Barney sounds like my Blackie once upon a time. The mind is amazing – I thank God that I can remember some things, for I realize that there are those that no longer can.

  3. You’ve managed to trigger a very fond memory for me…carving small boats so tiny frogs could ride in style across the water hole… 🙂 I do remember the mercurochrome too!

  4. Ha ha. I remember: Phillip’s Milk of Magnesia, the fishy tasting cod liver oil, egg nog, and Andrew’s liver salt! 🙂
    Thanks for taking me on a walk down memory lane. Each of the four items I remember bring laughter, thank goodness.

  5. Lucretia

    Well said … Good memories and u remember most of those same things another fun word – fireflies

  6. Janie Urbano

    Tried to leave a comment but couldn’t post. Love reading your memories and love the picture. Unfortunately, I cannot think of one good childhood memory. Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2014 16:33:58 +0000 To:

  7. Mary Miller

    I love the picture of your granddaughter!

  8. Angela

    Love every special memory with family. Love you mom! 🙂

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