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A Mother Too, Yet Still My Baby

My dear daughter, I’ve watched you blossomed, married, and have children. Throughout those years, the depth of your eyes tell their own story — stories of joy … sadness … pain … love. I remember the moments when I walked similar paths, the ups and downs of yesteryear. But I’m stronger today than yesterday. And so you shall be.

Daughter, I am proud of you and your love for your children. You are a nurturing, giving, selfless mother, quick to forgive and never too busy for hugs. I just want you to know you’re doing a fine job. And I love you.


859706_411421335616858_1502809745_o(1)My beautiful baby girl, Angela, with her precious baby girl, Grace. Little did we know that Grace would undergo open-heart surgery just a few weeks later.


2062_1069677830018_9279_nLook at me now! God’s miracle at 2  1/2 months old


2062_1069581387607_1458_nThree-year-old Grace with her big brothers Christopher and Ryan.


1505326_598063350285988_1232425556_nMy daughter’s pride and joy.


705261_472248182867506_763032076_oAngela, you did phenomenal! Thank you for my precious grandchildren.


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