A Mother Too, Yet Still My Baby

My dear daughter, I’ve watched you blossom, married, and have children. Throughout those years, the depth of your eyes tells their own story — stories of joy … sadness … pain … love. I remember the moments when I walked similar paths, the ups and downs of yesteryear. But I’m stronger today than yesterday. And so you shall be.

Daughter, I am proud of you and your love for your children. You are a nurturing, giving, selfless mother, quick to forgive, and never too busy for hugs. I just want you to know you’re doing a fine job. And I love you.


859706_411421335616858_1502809745_o(1)My beautiful baby girl, Angela, with her precious baby girl, Grace. Little did we know that Grace would undergo open-heart surgery just a few weeks later.


2062_1069677830018_9279_nLook at me now! God’s miracle at 2  1/2 months old


2062_1069581387607_1458_nThree-year-old Grace with her big brothers Christopher and Ryan.


1505326_598063350285988_1232425556_nMy daughter’s pride and joy.


705261_472248182867506_763032076_oAngela, you did phenomenally! Thank you for my precious grandchildren!


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12 responses to “A Mother Too, Yet Still My Baby

  1. Thank you for sharing Mary , so much Love overflowing in your words and yes a very proud Mum with every good reason to be so , how very blessed you all are.

    Christian Love Always – Anne.

  2. Year after year, day after day, you’re the best mother in every way! Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. Angela

    My Dear Mother…… Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Your words mean so much to me, and you express your love so deeply. As I grow, still learning everyday to be all that I can be as a mother. I turn to you and look at how strong that you have become. Thanking God for blessing me with you. Seeing my kids grow, still yearning for their little kisses on my cheek and that sweet little touch that brings a little chill to my heart. I’m letting you know mom, although I may not be there every day for you, I still need you. I still need that touch, that one sweet look of love in your eyes, those tight hugs, reassuring me that everything will be ok. Even that little tough love. I’m blessed and proud to have a mother like you! And when I say “Mimi is coming” to the kids, I see their bodies jump, and the 1st question they ask is when is she coming…?! You are loved. You are my mother… Many kisses and hugs Mom… I love you.

  4. Many Blessings to you and your beautiful family! Happy Mothers’Day!!!!!

  5. Love it. I could say this about my daughter–except she has 2 boys–unless you count her husband.

  6. Ruben Perez


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