Road Less Traveled…my truth

This has been a challenging year for all. Never in a million years did I think I would be alive, witnessing some of the things that are occurring these days! Many are left shocked, confused, and angry, and some have lost their ever-loving minds over worry, paralyzed in fear!

Is it not true every day we have to make choices? Is it not a daily decision we make on what we are going to do, and how we are going to react? I for one believe in the power of prayer. Prayer brings results. But I don’t doubt there are days when our prayers cry out, “God, are you there? Are you listening?”

He is. And He does.

I do not pretend to have all the answers. I am flawed. I am an imperfect being trying to serve a perfect God. His ways are higher than my ways. As a Christian, I am not immune to the happenings of this world. Family and dear friends have experienced illnesses, some due to Covid; setbacks due to circumstances beyond their control, and hurtful disappointments because, well, we’re humans.

In Robert Frost’s poem, The Road Less Taken, towards the end he mentions the road less traveled. I want to be on that road. What does that mean exactly? I’m sure different things to different people.

For me, the road less traveled is to be on the road of steadfastness, not faltering or leaning on my own understanding. I want to be on the road less traveled, collected, and in my right frame of mind when much confusion lies before me that I feel overwhelmed. Although at times I may stumble and not know what to do, still I desire to be on the road less traveled in my prayer closet instead of bickering and complaining.

Someone, please show me the road less traveled – to trust in God, instead of doubting Him. Lead me to the road less traveled, help me to believe it is well with my soul and the best yet to come. Point me to the road less traveled, where I am not encumbered with the weight of the world with its troubles upon my shoulders.

I want to walk in faith and not in fear. Sing and not scream. Be tender and not hardened. Pliable and not crushed. Teachable and not a know-it-all.

These are my truths, what I hope to attain someday. I don’t want to follow the crowd of ‘woe is me!’ Rather, that I will listen in humbled silence to the still small voice that beckons me to be still and know that He is God.

 Whenever I approach the two roads of life, I want to be the one who looked heavenward and took the one less traveled, and that it has made all the difference.

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4 responses to “Road Less Traveled…my truth

  1. Deborah Hulen

    I love this!

  2. Thank you Momma for writing this and sharing your heart and vulnerability. This helps us all know that even though at times we may feel alone, we are not. I’m thankful for Christ being the One to show us how to walk the road less traveled … having faith in Him, knowing not only has He walked this road before us … but He’s also available to us as our personal Guide! As we walk down this road less traveled in faith with Christ, the weight of the world will build upon our shoulders indeed – and our choice is the hand of JESUS’ HELP!!

    Our Savior Lives!! The price has been paid in full and we are free indeed!! He is our Navigator and we our to steer in the direction of His Will! The world has become the devil’s playground, doing it’s best to cover up the Compass of God and distract us, so that we feel more and more disconnected and lost from our Creator. The world‘s ways are full of traps and strong currents widening faster and faster toward a waterfall of death and destruction … But God!

    Thank you again Momma for sharing your heart, for sharing your humanity. We need more powerful and courageous people like you in this world to shine a light in the darkness, I picture these Thomas Kinkaid lighthouses all along the way, beams of light helping others see in the darkness and saving them from smashing into rocks, or going the wrong way toward that raging waterfall. Thank you Thank you! Thank you Momma! I love you very much! 😚😚😚

  3. Mary

    That was beautiful, Mary. The struggles, desires and heartfelt longing for fellowship with the Father is the story of all true believers. I believe, even though this year has brought trials and disappointments, Father God is using these things to draw us close, He beckons us to walk with Him on that road less traveled.

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