I Dreamed a Dream

I often think about why is it that when we become older, the dreams we once had, begin to fade? As children, we have no hangups or limitations with our imaginations in what we can do or in who we can become! We dream about becoming an astronaut, a firefighter, a singer, a painter, an actor, the best athlete ever, or even a president just to name a few. We even dream about falling in love and living a life happily-ever-after.

But then reality kicks in and before long, we become consumed with agendas and deadlines. We are up to our neck with studies in trying to get ahead, or we’re drowning in work trying to make ends meet, or in raising a family that we have no time for ourselves — these all take precedence and so we put our dreams on hold … or the dreams once dreamt simply fade away.

Or perhaps someone spoke death over us:

Grow up.

You’ll never amount to anything.

You’re not smart enough.

You’re not good enough.

I want a divorce.

I don’t love you anymore.

You’re too old.

It’s too late.

It’s over.

Been there. Done that. I’ve walked on some of these roads. I know the feelings of hopelessness and devastation. What feels like the end isn’t always the end but a new beginning. No matter the outcome, don’t let your dream die as mentioned in the last stanza of Les Misérables: Now life has killed the dream I dreamed …

Yes, life happens. Seasons change and our perspective may shift. Today is Day 35 when I am working from home, and it is Day 21 of our state’s Stay-at-Home mandate due to COVID-19. These past few days, I have been doing a little self-reflection. While most days I keep myself occupied, other days, I can become a bit melancholy. These are indeed challenging times and remaining in prayer is what keeps me whole and in positive spirits.  (Devotion: Philippians 4:6-9 )


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10 responses to “I Dreamed a Dream

  1. Thanks for checking out my blog. It seems we certainly have some things in common. I love that you’re dreaming again. I believe this season is a time where God is resurrecting dreams in us that have been on hold or dormant. As we keep focused on Jesus, he will direct those dreams to reality. Write the vision!

  2. Thank you for sharing the YouTube video. While I’ve yet to see Les Misérables I’ve always loved this particular piece and Anne Hathaway sings it so beautifully. Thank you also for the notification you left for me on my blog about your book, it’s officially on my wish list. Sending love and light your way!🤗❤ ~Steph

  3. A peace that passes all understanding.:-)

  4. I liked this quote: What feels like the end isn’t always the end but a new beginning. So true!

  5. Mary

    Yes, reality bites!!!! It happens to all of us!

  6. Sandy McPherson

    Such a great message to share during these times!! Your messages shine a ray of hope for everyone reading!! ❤

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