Verbal Abuse





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  1. bitchyredhead75

    I believe verbal abuse is absolutely the worst kinda of abuse!! I’ve been suffering thru it for almost 9 years. 8 think I’ve finally got the strength and the love for myself and courage to walk away!!!
    Why I ever considered that the way I was treated was even slightly okay is bewildering to me!! I have a 22byear old daughter that believe me if I knew someone was doing her the way I was being done I’d be in prison till my death!! Wth must she really think 9f her momma,!!! Breaks my soul I let her down! But I’m going to do everything in my power to make 9t right so she knows it’s so not right any type of abuse is very wrong verbal physical or emotional. It all leaves scars that only the ones carting them can see!!! Thank you for this an for listening to me!! God bless ab keep you!!!
    Yours truly, Chastity Hoffard

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