Time to Vote

Today was a big day for hair/makeup/photo shoot!

Please visit link below (courtesy of Click Photography) and cast your vote for your favorite headshot!


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19 responses to “Time to Vote

  1. sUSIE

    You look beautiful in all of them, but my favorite is # 4

  2. Angela

    lol I like # 7 TOO!!!

  3. Angela

    #2 !!!!!! I love all of them though. It was a great to be with you on this special day

  4. Sandy Brockhausen

    Well, with all beautiful shots, it’s really hard to pick; but, I too think # 7. I looked at each of them a few times enlarging them and all were fabulous. You go girl!

  5. Wow, Mary! Hard choice, as they are all lovely. I think I like #2 and #7 the best, with #7 winning by a small margin. All of these are excellent, though–you are truly stunning! 🙂

  6. Debbie Schkade

    I narrowed my choices to #2. Or #7
    I am going to vote for #7
    They are all nice

  7. #7 Its beautiful. Hope you had lots of fun today. Enjoy
    Love Kathy

    • In the middle of the picture taking, I broke down and cried! Made everyone else shed some tears too. We had to take a break. How does one get used to all this?

  8. I studied these pictures for a while, enlarging them, trying to find one that completely stood out from all the others. It was so hard, when each one was so beautiful. I finally settled on #7 (for the record, Kenny picked #2). Whichever one you choose, it’s going to be extremely pretty!!

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