In the Thrill of It All


Once again, my birthday was planned by my beautiful and creative daughter, Anna Marie. She has always believed in and supported my writing endeavors, so I’ve started calling her my publicist. While I was on vacation, back home she rallied up my hubby, and her siblings, as well as secretly contacted my list of friends. (I believe she even hacked into my FaceBook account, for goodness’ sake!) The outcome was a wonderful, surprise birthday celebration for yours truly.

To my delight, I realized that my daughter planned out a theme for my birthday this year to honor me. She centered the theme with “Running in Heels,” the working title of my completed memoir. She designed and printed out bookmarks, created a decorated donation box, and had taken up a collection from donators who believe in my work.

This cloud-nine feeling of such love, support and all that took place was surreal. I can’t imagine EVER getting used to having people who truly are fans and those who faithfully remain in my corner while cheer-leading me onward toward the finish line. I have been deeply touched and I am grateful. But my work is not yet over.


Yes, I am the author of this story. I lived and survived those years. I wrote the words on the pages through hours upon hours, throughout the night when sleep escaped me, and upon every available moment when at home in front of the computer or jotting down on a writing tablet. To my dear friends and family who have made this birthday gal feel loved and special, to the readers and fellow bloggers who’ve encouraged my work, and to my supporters who went and will continue to go above and beyond, words cannot express the gratitude that is in my heart. Together we shall make a difference. Together we shall see this project completed.

From my heart to yours one beat at a time.


© M.A. Pérez 2014, All Rights Reserved


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16 responses to “In the Thrill of It All

  1. Sandy Brockhausen

    I smell a great book coming out soon! Can’t wait till you are published my friend. The lives that will be touched and changed won’t be totally revealed till you get to heaven and God says “Well done Mary Ann”…

  2. Happy Birthday, belated! I agree with Cindy W. Your picture is beautiful and you do look like a famous author already! 😀

  3. What a wonderful surprise, you truly are blessed to have three wonderful children who love, support and stand behind you 100%.. So glad you had a special birthday . I also stand behind you and your writing , and have faith that yes you will get to that finish line.. I always enjoy reading your stories some make me cry and some make me laugh out loud , And I always think to myself I’m blessed to know this beautiful person that has this awesome talent.. 🙂

  4. Janie Urbano

    Mary Ann, you are an amazing woman and author, and I am honored to be your friend. I’m so excited about your writing career and know that God has a phenomenal future in store for you, and I can’t wait to see it unfold right before your eyes. Love and appreciate you much. Lives are being changed through your story; don’t ever stop writing.

    • Janie, you are so sweet to express this. I am encourage in continuing this journey in seeing this dream become a reality. Supporters such as you are making a difference. God IS good.

  5. Maybe your daughter SHOULD be your publicist. She seems to be a great cheerleader. You are blessed to have so many supporters.

  6. Cindy Watts

    Loved reading your latest ! Your pic is beautiful ! I had the thought that you already look like a famous author. 🙂 Love You MA !

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