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Vacationing in Weston, Colorado

Hi y’all! Hola Amigos!

The mountains were calling and we went!

We recently returned from a glorious two-week getaway in God’s Country in good ole’ Colorado, with a couple of wonderful friends of ours!

And as promised, here are a few photos taken from my !phone (sorry…! Haha!)

Found this perfect quote to a perfect scenery:

“Heaven is a little bit closer in the mountains.”

Introducing our traveling buddies, Ed & Sandy Brockhausen.

Now having the pleasure to hang around with this couple is anything but a trip in itself!

They are delightful, and animated and know how to have fun, fun, fun!

Hubby and I.

And this is the Brockhausen’s little hideaway up in the mountains; took a while to drive up there.

Yes, these are wild turkeys! Some neighbors feed them; not sure if they’re pets or fatten up for consumption.

But no hunting is allowed in these parts.

See the beautiful Spanish Peaks in the background?


Wouldn’t you know it? It started snowing the day after we arrived and my hubby was the first one out exploring!


And then he got me to join him cuz he needed some warmth!


Frolicking in the snow 🙂

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


Meet Bailey & Dakota. They love going out in the snow – they’re in their element and they’ve worked up an appetite.

Another breathtaking view from the deck.

So peaceful.



Let me take you on a little tour inside …
Upstairs loft/TV room


A view from the loft looking down on this gorgeous kitchen.


Notice the beautiful hand-crafted cabinetry.

Looking down at the Southwestern décor, colorful den.


Check out the antler lighting.


So cozy, comfy, and inviting.


Enjoying some warmth near the fireplace.


Yes, the perfect kitchen!


Look at all the details. Their builder was truly a craftsman.


Home away from home.


The master suite.


The guest room where we slept – not bad, eh?

The next day, it had stopped snowing, so we hopped in the buggy and cruised.

A wee bit chilly riding in the wind!

My mountain man – such a natural in the outdoors.

A couple of days later, the four of us took a road trip into town.

We saw lots of wildlife and deer are everywhere!


I’ve known this precious friend–who is like a sister to me–for a loooong time! She be way crazier than me, y’all!

Taking this majestic view all in.


A little disconcerting with some of the wiggly road signs!


Oh, Lord! This reminded me of a scene in the movie, “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure”… LOL


A quick view of Stonewall.


Girls just wanna shop until we drop!

Red River, NM – elevation 10,350’. Between my tender back and needing to breathe in all this altitude, I needed to rest!

I guess I be more of a city gal. LOL

Good morning all! Are you hungry? Best biscuit and gravy I’ve ever eaten made by Sandy’s hands!

Man talk!

Horsing around in Trinidad, CO.

We met and made new friends, Mike & Debra Messemer.

Debra’s creation: One-Pot Cheesy Italian Pasta & Chicken was delish!

She’s also a great baker and makes a variety of homemade preserves.

Our last night in Colorado.


Well, I hope you enjoy the journey of my vacation to a little piece of heaven.

Y’all come back now, ya hear?


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Wintry Wonderland of Weston

Hi y’all!

Checkin’ in with my family, friends, & fans! I’m vacationing in Weston, CO with my husband and a couple of friends. More pictures to come!    🙂

What do you have going on this week?

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