A Better Picture

A message I heard in church a few years ago was about three kinds of enemies. I’d like to share this insight with you, trusting that it’ll help you the way it did me.

  • HOLDERS – Those that want to hold you back.
  • PULLERS – Those that will pull you away.
  • CLINGERS – Those that keep you behind with them.

We probably all know someone in either category. We may have an idea, a vision, a dream, a desire, or feel passion about something that we may share with somebody, but then that person does not share in our enthusiasm but merely seeks to crush our spirit. Before we know it, we are pulled back, stifled, crushed, and beaten down. I’m not saying there won’t be times when we are to make ourselves available in helping others. I am saying there will be times when we need to be around those who care enough to pour something back into us.

I need to be refilled. You need to be refilled.


See the bigger picture of something greater and something better.

If we don’t grow, we die. This was me about three years ago. I wanted to grow, move forward, and better myself but only felt squashed and discouraged by those around me. Yet, they were moving forward. So in my prayer time, I sought guidance and courage. And when I heard my pastor’s message a few days later, it hit me.

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I took a leap of faith and moved on. Why? Because I knew God has something better for me.

I had to make a choice and yes, it was frightening. It took a few months, but it was the best decision I made for me. Still today I am in a much better place and in a much better job position. I am challenged, fulfilled, and continue to grow. I am encouraged for doing my best and appreciated all that I do. I work for a phenomenal boss and some pretty phenomenal people.

Sometimes you have to give up something good to gain something better.


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4 responses to “A Better Picture

  1. Debbie Schkade

    This is so awesome Mary Ann –
    we do truly work for a phenomenal boss, with a phenomenal company and phenomenal co-workers!!! I am blessed to know you!!!

  2. “Sometimes you have to give up something good to gain something better.” – Wow. Your words really hit home for me.

    I’ve been meaning to quit my job for some time now because I know it’s not where God wants me to be but I’ve been stuck in my comfort zone with no motivation to find another job because this one is so great and I’m comfortable here.

    This is exactly what I needed to read to help me start searching and trusting God wherever He will lead me. I hope I will be in your shoes someday soon. In a better place than I am right now (although this place is pretty good). Thank you so much for this. Be blessed!

    • Thank you so much Anna! It is all about stretching and getting out of our comfort zone sometimes, isn’t it? Yes, in our Christian walk we will become well acquainted in the “growing pains.” Blessings!

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