Running in Heels’ Christmas Cheer

11169414_1084559268261863_3157158731381314694_n12345551_1084559248261865_402613556084498875_n12316117_1085054441545679_2384889818764723936_n12322567_1085053341545789_115903388502076538_o12307584_1085056491545474_7345752975857901994_o12360154_1088777371173386_8215598436509224715_n12309479_1084516278266162_5533197412491511639_o12347908_1084516261599497_4997018375630666444_nIt’s been an exhilarating first year as a published author! I am both humbled and honored for this opportunity in engaging with such wonderful new friends and fans of my work. Many more photos to come, as I have promised you, my blogger friends, to share my experience of this journey with you.


December 17, 2015 · 9:08 PM

12 responses to “Running in Heels’ Christmas Cheer

  1. Mary, I just read your book and reviewed it on Amazon:

    “My husband gifted me with this wonderful book for Christmas. I finished it in two days, and feel as though Mary is a part of me now. Her story is told in a simple and honest way, leading the reader almost “gently” through the maze that was her life. After reading her story, and knowing the ending (beginning!) I am struck with this thought….my favorite book as a child and now to adulthood is Jane Eyre. Mary, like Jane, never let her circumstances take away the spark of love and compassion that was instilled in her heart. What a story of resilience, personal growth, compassion, faith, and love.”

    Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us. Your story will touch many hearts and offer hope:-)

    With love and happiness for your success,

    • Dear Bernadette,
      I read your review today at work (which I shouldn’t do), but I did and you had me in “happy” tears! I am deeply touched hearing how my story has moved you!
      My heart is full knowing that I have another fan and a friend across the miles.

      The journey has just begun 🙂
      Much love,

  2. Cindy Watts

    Loved the pics ! What touches my heart is you, MaryAnn on the front lines with people that God brings to you for His touch in their lives. So proud of you ! Love & Prayers !

  3. Wonderful Mary! Have a blessed Christmas and a New Year full of wonderful surprises! ❤

  4. Mandy

    Mary has it been a YEAR?? Oh wow! And you look wonderful! Congratulations for completing a daunting task–not only writing a book, but publishing and then the follow-through to get your story out there , and that will help so many others. Much love on your continuing journey! ❤

  5. lisagiesler


    Lisa Giesler – Professional Organizer, Award winning Author A Time And Place For Everything, LLC 832-277-1745

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