Dance Like Nobody’s Watching


Dance like nobody is watching,

Because they’re looking down on their cell phones anyway.

Dance like nobody’s watching,

They’re too engrossed in a sports show.

Dance like nobody’s watching,

The dog just yawned and rolled over.

Dance like nobody’s watching,

The newspaper is still in front of his face.

Dance like nobody’s watching,

The cat is busy scratching.

Dance like nobody’ s watching,

Isn’t that snoring coming across the room from the recliner?

So aren’t you glad nobody’s watching,

As you’re jamming to the music when your knee pops, you roll your ankle and throw out your back?

Yes, dance like nobody is watching,

He’s blinded with tears from laughing anyway!


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9 responses to “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

  1. I’m shaking my booty as I read this first thing this morning. Thanks. Have a wonderful Friday. ❤ 😀

  2. I loved your ‘Dance’ post… made me kind of sad, though. The sleeping in the recliner thing. When did old age become so exhausting?

  3. Mary Jacobson

    Loved the Dance Like Nobody’s Watching post. Am reading Running in Heels. Cheated and read the back first. Now I’ve started at the beginning. I’m not a reader but I am just drawn in. The descriptions of people are excellent. Your book winged its way to Italy today. My neighbor took it with her to read on vacation.

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