Girls Night Out University


A little update to continue this journey with you all. Last night was new territory for me, as I had the honor and the privilege of speaking 11119507_10206612723224616_4333682381497684401_nbefore several women at my church. I was asked to share my heart about overcoming some of the adversities mentioned in my book, Running in Heels. There were six of us speakers who were each given a classroom to hold two 25-minute discussions on different topics. Although this was out of my norm, I felt an unusual calmness while delivering my message. You can rest assured that this entire event was saturated with prayer!

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To be surrounded by precious ladies–many who had read my book, many who hadn’t–all attentive to my every word touched me in a special way. Many came up to me afterward to give me an encouraging word. But I couldn’t be more blessed than to have the honor of praying for others hurting as they walked through their own struggles.

We should never be ashamed of our pain. Whether you’re going through the valley, or over the mountaintop: WE NEED ONE ANOTHER.

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10 responses to “Girls Night Out University

  1. Sandy Brockhausen

    I am so proud of you Mary Ann. I knew the women would be riveted to their seats as they listened to your story. I can only imagine the anointing that was upon you as you opened your heart and gave a glimpse into your life now and then. I am so excited as I read of all the doors God is opening for you to get your testimony out there. This is an awesome journey you are on and I am honored to be called your friend. Love you sweetheart.

  2. Congratulations, Mary! My book just came in two days ago and I cannot wait to begin reading (I have begun peeking!) As I’ve shared, I have a book in progress, as well as many other writings and other projects that are in the works and it is easy to get “stuck” and feel discouraged, like none of it is ever going to come to fruition. It is ecouraging to see your gifts and talents at work! Press on, sister! I will give my review as soon as I’m finished reading “Running in Heels”. 😉

  3. Dear Mary Ann: Just finished reading your book and am so moved first by your talent and then by your journey. I thank God you survived and are a practicing Christian today and that you were able to tell your story so well. The forgiveness towards your Mom and ex-husband tells a lot of what kind of person you and your present husband are. I was not completely aware of your situation, but you can rest assure I would have been there for you as Irma, our cousin was…….Much love, Josie

  4. I sent this post out to quite a few of my female friends who have a heart for Christ–and a few who don’t. I hope it speaks to them. Sandra

  5. What a wonderful experience to have. What a testament to women’s strength. I’m so excited you’re on this journey.

  6. Congratulations, and bless you. ❤ ❤ ❤

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