Out of My Comfort Zone

Several years ago, the desire to write my memoirs was conceived. I didn’t know how far it would go or what the outcome would be. That didn’t matter to me because the more I wrote, the more the desire grew. The passion to complete the journey burned from within.

I never imagined the outcome. But I know now, God was in it.

After writing a couple of years on my own, I started mentioning what I was doing to some people and received some great advice and direction. Like a sponge, I soaked in all the info I could and soon realized that I needed to join others with the same passion. I started visiting writing groups and even joined a couple. Every week, I took notes, listened to critiques, shared ideas, and discussed scenes and sequels. I entered a few contests and some writing essays. I knew then that I had a story to share that would inspire others.


I also learned that I needed a writers’ platform, so I started a Facebook fan page, a blog website, and finally, a Twitter account. Along this journey, I’ve met some awesomely talented people face to face, as well as through social media.

The time has come when I am definitely way out of my comfort zone. Matter of fact, as I timidly began this writing journey, wading into the water, it quickly went from ankle-deep to knee-deep. And the water continues to rise.

I am not perfect. I’m not some superwoman with superpowers able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. I am just like you. I know my weaknesses and my limitations. But I am ready to go to the next level, and I daresay I go not alone. God has given me resiliency. He has given me favor and is opening doors. As I rely on Him–more now than ever–He sends the right people at the right time. Each one holds a special place in my heart and has touched me in different ways. Some plant and some water, but God gives the increase. I don’t take this experience lightly or for granted.

I had a dream. I never dreamt it would go this far.

I am about to give birth to my dream. Soon my first book, “Running in Heels: A Memoir of Grit and Grace” launches. In just a few days I will hold the books that I call my babies in my hands. For starters, I will attend book signings, blog tours, radio interviews, conferences, and speaking engagements. I may not know where I’m going, but I remember where I once was. And that’s enough.

Do you have a dream? Does something take you out of your comfort zone? That means you are growing, stretching, and bettering yourself. Does it scare the hell out of you? Good.

Go for it. If I can, you can. Reach for the stars. The sky’s the limit.

© M.A. Pérez 2015, All Rights Reserved


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11 responses to “Out of My Comfort Zone

  1. Congratulations on your journey and to the success of your new book. I just stumbled across your blog today. Inspiring! !

  2. Kudos to your for chasing your dream to fulfillment! 🙂

  3. Ruben Perez

    …Attend book signings, blog tours, radio interviews, conferences, and speaking engagements… Can’t wait for the movie! Proud that you’re my Sister!!!

  4. The blog is good, and the truth rings out. Keep it up, Mary. I’m proud and excited for you.

  5. SUSIE

    What a great journey you have traveled. I am priviileged that I have been able to watch you as you troveled that road. God continues to do a wonderful work in your life and you in turn, are using your life to honor HIM. I will be thrilled when I am able to purchase your book & have it signed by the author!!!

  6. mandy smith

    Yes yes yes… To all those things, Mary. You are a few months ahead of me so I’m glad to watch your journey as you travel w/ such grace while i feel like my heels are way too high and I feel oh so clumsy! But when you have stories that need telling you keep going. You should be so proud Mary!!

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