For Crying Out Loud!

You ever been excited about something and somebody who you love and admire shoot it down? Let me tell you, it stings. Bites. Deflates you, doesn’t it? Don’t allow anyone to steal your dream!

They may have meant well, but they just couldn’t see what you envisioned. They didn’t grasp your concept or idea. Then what? Your resolve wavers, and your hard work and steadfastness quakes.

So what do you do? Do you throw in the towel and just give up? No, for crying out loud! Perseverance is a virtue. Where’s your stick-to-it-iveness? You have it. Haven’t you burned the midnight hour long enough to come this far? Okay, so maybe they didn’t get it. Time to regroup; dig a little deeper. Re-examine your goal and ask yourself what is it that you feel? What is the message you’re trying to convey?

I guess with me, I tend to say a prayer, asking God to continue to guide me to express the message closest to my heart to share with others.

I am reminded of the lyrics to a song: Don’t cry out loud, just keep it inside, and learn how to hide your feelings… If only it were that easy …!

I know this is not always the case. At times it does well to cry and let out emotions. Yes, I too, have meltdowns on occasion. But if you can stick to your goal, doing all you know to do with a determination second to none, when opposition comes (and they usually will), you won’t easily break. Time to reflect is all. Plant where you’re rooted. Bend like a palm tree, change directions if you must. If you feel you are to do a thing, whether people get you or not, stay the course. Don’t let others defeat you with their words or the looks on their faces! What am I saying? Face your giant! (But don’t forget your slingshot.)

Incidentally, if you’re at a distance, I can’t really see your expressions without my glasses on anyway!

How determined are you?


© M.A. Pérez 2014, All Rights Reserved


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12 responses to “For Crying Out Loud!

  1. Becky Whitaker

    Much needed encouragement! Thank you wise Mary! Keep on burning!

  2. Nice to see we share the same outlook on life Mary. 🙂 Happy holidays to you at this joyous time of year.

  3. LaTanya Davis

    I really needed to hear this right now. As I take my manuscript to another level, feelings of doubt are trying to press through. Thank you for these words of encouragement.

  4. “Face your giant! (But don’t forget your slingshot.)”

    LOL. Good post and very encouraging.

  5. This reminds me of a “friend” who has life coming at her from all directions. She has all us friends who would help her out, but I think she likes the pain of a boss that bullies her, the pain of having a mother with dementia, and the pain of needing to repair her house and her car. Her boss bullies her because she uses FMLA (family leave) to care for her mom. She tries to do it all herself instead of letting her 2 older sisters help. She thinks God has abandoned her, so she won’t come to church or women’s Bible study. Self-punishment. I don’t get it–where’s the pay-off?

    She needs to take all that you wrote to heart.

  6. Sandy Brockhausen

    Another good word from a wise young woman. Love you my friend.

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