Five Things to Watch Out For

  1. Discouragement – brings hopelessness and despair
  2. Doubting of others – hinders you from trusting
  3. Blaming Others – distracts you from change
  4. Misunderstandings – causes confusion
  5. Pity – keeps you in a pit

A little something that I wrote in my devotions years ago, still a great reminder for today. I am sure we can all chose either one of these points and expound on them. Please share which one resonates with you.

© M.A. Perez, 2013, All Rights Reserved


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3 responses to “Five Things to Watch Out For

  1. Guilty of 1. Discouragement. You’re right about the results, and they’re not pretty! Once you allow yourself to go there, it’s hard not to camp out.

  2. Pity – I’m sick of being the object of others’ pity. I gave it up last year, and haven’t missed it a bit! 🙂


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