What Happened?

To “Please” and “Thank You”?
To supper at the table with the family at 5 or 6 PM?

To men holding the door open for women, helping her in her chair, walking on the outside of the curb, closing and opening the car door for her?
To saying, “I’m sorry” after offensives are made?
To picnics at the park?
Hand-written letters, and thank you notes?
In having family devotions? Saying grace?
To walks on the beach?
Random acts of kindness?
A gentle hand? A kind word?
A warm embrace?
To Honesty? Respect?
Truth? Prayer?
Commitment after the “I Do,” and “Til Death Do You Part”?
The Golden Rule?
Morals? Values?
Integrity? Or Honor?
In Saying, “Forgive me.”
Where have they gone? Why did they go?
What has happened …
To Us?

© M.A. Perez, 2013, All Rights Reserved


Filed under Social, Values

5 responses to “What Happened?

  1. Amen, sister. Pitiful, just pitful.

  2. I hear you! What happened to all these good things? It has to be the way people are raised.

  3. @jennifer – I think you’re right to an extent. There is a general feeling of selfishness going on. It seems people are a bit more self centered and aren’t thinking of common courtesies. Is it a sign of the times or poor upbringing?

  4. Honestly, I believe the ‘every person for his/herself and forget anyone else’ undercurrent in some political beliefs is responsible for some of these items not happening. Just my opinion.

  5. Just some random thoughts whirling in my head. Wondering what others can add to this list. Please include some of your own thoughts.

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